Secure Retail
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Creating more effective, efficient and secure payment solutions for the retail, hospitality and transport infrastructure sectors

If you’re looking for the most trusted provider of high security payment software and hardware to the leading brands, both in the UK and globally, giving you full control of your acquiring costs, you’ve found it!

Our best of breed strategy means that you can be confident that all the component parts of our services and products are developed to the highest standards available anywhere today (PCI P2PE V2 standard).

Our knowledge of payments is market leading and recognised by World class manufacturers and software developers including Verifone, Miura, Displaydata, Unique Secure, Sagepay, 3C, Barclaycard, Oracle, Mastercard, Aevi and FIS.

Secure Retail is at the forefront of the technology revolution, using tablet and Cloud security to increase operational efficiency and productivity, as well as improving your customer conversion rate.

Everything we install and supply is backed by Secure Retail's renowned support package, which will take you to and beyond the latest PCI PTS 5 standard.

At our Coalville Head Office we have a state of the art services and product demonstration suite. We would love you to come and gain some hands on experience of these game changing technologies. Please email us to experience the Secure Retail welcome.