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Creating more effective, efficient and secure payment solutions for the retail, hospitality and unattended sectors

Secure Retail is the specialist provider of payments hardware and services for the retail, hospitality and unattended sectors, providing the backbone to our customers’ secure payments strategy.

We deliver the highest levels of security across your hardware, software and network infrastructure, providing solutions that minimise your business exposure and complexity, to meet the rigorous demands of the latest PCI standards.

As a distributor of hardware to the channel and direct end users, we are dedicated to managing your payments devices throughout their full product life from installation all the way to decommissioning. Our solutions for fixed, mobile, attended or unattended devices deliver the most comprehensive support structure available and using Secure Retail means that you can have complete traceability of your estate. Through control of the supply and management of payments devices we provide you and your customers with real peace of mind.

If you see anything on our website and would like more information, please call one of our team on 01530 511150 to discuss your specific requirements.