Secure Retail is able to offer a full range of Acquirer Accreditation Testing Services to complement its extensive service portfolio.

With a growing range of payment device manufacturers and varying models, combined with an increasing number of acquirers, it is a more complex and time consuming, not to mention resource intensive task, trying to gain Acquirer Accreditation.

Let Secure Retail work with you on solving this challenge, our Team of In-House Test Analysts can work with you to certify any Payment Device with any Acquirer, Gateway and Currency.

Our dedicated test laboratory has the latest testing tools from approved global certification brands, along with secure connections to the outside world for direct testing. With purpose built test benches to house multiple Point of Sale Systems, and adequate floor space for larger test projects, such as Self-Checkout Units (SCO), we can cater for the demands of even the most complex of projects.

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If you would like to discuss your requirements for Secure Retail’s Accreditation Testing Service, please speak direct to your Account Manager or one of Secure Retail’s Technical Team on +44 (0)1530 511150, alternatively contact us by email [email protected].