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Managed Services

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“Warranty coverage is something provided to ensure that 100% of the products that we deliver are functioning properly. Managed Service contracts are something customers should purchase to ensure that their business operates properly”.

Our managed service gives peace of mind to customers by ensuring minimal downtime of payment devices.

SecureKey has been created by Secure Retail to enhance our managed service offering.

How much lost opportunity through needless delay is costing your business?

Secure Retail’s ISO 9001:2015 quality standard means your devices are fully configured and tested with a trial transaction before the product is dispatched – which means the only possible reason the unit is likely to fail is if it is damaged or tampered with in transit.

What’s more SecureKey (Secure Retail’s customer web portal) can manage all units dispatched, so your estate is visible and auditable at all times. This means you know what terminals are where and can comply with the recommended industry procedures to address the big issues currently affecting retailer security.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for managed services with one of our team, please contact us >