We are all aware that there will be many challenges for the retail, hospitality, transport and infrastructure sectors over the coming months. Consideration will need to be given to different ways to encourage customers back to stores and restaurants, at the same time keeping employees safe.

Reassurance will need to be given that customers are in a safe and clean environment when in the store or restaurant and at the point of sale. This will be alongside the knowledge that the payments they make will be fast, reliable, safe and secure.

Secure Retail work with our carefully selected partners to offer the very best hardware, software and payment solutions available. Partnering with ENS, we can offer the latest in UV-Clean technology at the point of payment.

UV-C light for sanitisation is not a new technology and extensive research has been carried out in this field with its effectiveness against past coronaviruses and other dangerous pathogens. We can advise you on the options available for your business that could protect customers and employees at the point of payment.

The latest UV-C clean technology from our partners ENS can work alongside your existing POS and payment solutions, or can be incorporated into new and bespoke payment installations from Secure Retail.

UV-Clean Solutions available in the UK from Secure Retail and ENS

UV-C light is used to eradicate harmful bacteria, including antibiotic resistant viruses (including Coronaviruses SARS and MERS), Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Enterococcus (VRE), as well as E. coli, difficile, Proteus spp., Klebsiella spp and Listeria spp.

No-touch, automated cleaning 24/7
Seamless integration and function makes improving disinfection easy
Motion sensing for safe deployment of UV-C light and it knows when it has been touched
Support current cleaning protocols without staff interaction
UV-Clean technology integrated into products produces a UV-C non-visible light that inactivates bacteria and viruses at the cellular level, preventing them from multiplying and causing any infection
UV-C disinfection technology has been in use for 50+ years
Now available & affordable for small high touch surfaces including touchscreens, tablets and PIN pads

Ongoing proof the health and safety of customers, employees and our communities is a top priority, by eradicating illness causing microorganisms
Lead the industry in next-generation safety protocol
Provide customers a healthier experience, more reason to do business with you
Differentiate from the competition with forward thinking innovation

Safe to Pay Handle & UV-SA

UV-Clean Stand Alone unit can be used with ENS Safe to Pay Handle and be placed in the stainless-steel tray providing a quick and easy way to disinfect the device. UV-C light is dispensed at timed intervals with low levels up to 24″ away. The Stand Alone unit requires minimal assembly, just attach the head unit to the stand. With high touch items, a regular cleaning with low doses of UV-C light eliminates the transfer of harmful pathogens.

The ENS Group has over 10 million products in use worldwide. They can be found in over 40 countries across the globe, in locations ranging from supermarkets and QSR, retail, retail banking, ticketing and kiosk to hospitality to leisure.

If you would like to find out more about the UV-Clean as a possible solution for your business, please get in touch with your usual contact at Secure Retail, call us on +44 (0)1530 511150 or email [email protected]. We have available full technical information for you to review on the UV-Clean product ranges, along with supporting data and statistics. We can work with you to find a bespoke, clean and safe payment solution that is the right fit your business.

We are here to help and put you in safe and UV-Clean control of Your Payments!

We also have a selection of Tailwind Stands (part of the ENS Product Group Family) that are available to buy in Secure Retail’s Online Store. This includes the Tailwind FlexiPole Drive-Thru Handle (without UV-SA). Visit our Online Store to see the Tailwind Range >