This year at RBTE Secure Retail will be exhibiting some of our latest Point of Sale (POS), Payment and Electronic Shelf Edge Label (ESL) Solutions, all available from us today. Seamlessly integrated, we will be able to demonstrate full POS systems for both Retail and Hospitality that shows traditional forms of payment alongside in-app payments coupled with cloud based ESL technology for price and content changes in real time.

Electronic Shelf Edge Labels
ESL Technology coupled with our latest cloud based management platform for lower cost and faster implementation means you can change prices and content as well as launch or amend promotions across every shelf-edge, in every store, anywhere within your business environment, in seconds.

Our new cloud based solution not only communicates with ESL technology but also with other visual devices that contain an HDMI port. This means you can change pricing or product information centrally and communicate to multiple visual mediums in store giving our customers a powerful digital content management tool.

POS and Payment
We will be exhibiting our range of tablet based POS solutions from Unique Secure, Verifone and Miura all integrated with cloud based POS software from Smart Volution which now includes enhanced hospitality and service industry based functionality.

Alongside this will be Verifone and Miura’s latest hardware platforms as well as various payment gateway options from our partners allowing Secure Retail to demonstrate full EPOS systems for Retail and Hospitality all available from us today.

Couple with this will be a full integration of our cloud based digital content management tool to the Smart Volution POS software. By changing content on the back end management portal of Smart Volution we will be able to demonstrate price and product information changes in real time on the POS front end software, ESL’s and in store television screens.

Miura M020
RBTE 2018 sees the exciting launch of Miura’s next generation solution that empowers retailers to implement payments across any POS system with one single device.

The M020 is a robust PCI 5 certified enterprise Retail and Hospitality payments solution providing a market leading product for the fixed and mobile POS.

It’s a low risk modular approach with many innovative plug and play peripherals including retail cradles, printers, smart wallets, and multi-dock charging systems that will all be available to see on the Secure Retail stand.

With the M020, it’s never been easier to deliver an enhanced payment solution for all retail and hospitality verticals and every POS challenge to drive sales and optimise customer and user experience and engagement.

Cocktails with Secure Retail and Verifone
On the first day of the show we will be holding a joint cocktails event with our partners Verifone. Your invitation.

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