Transport and Infrastructure

Secure Retail is unique in offering an agnostic approach to payment solutions. Our intention is to provide the best of breed components available anywhere today, with a focus on transport and infrastructure. You will find our services and products in every high street, out of town shopping centres and train stations in the UK and increasingly Europe.

We also aim to address the fast growing transport payment infrastructure, ticketing, kiosk and vending markets.

We have carefully selected our partners. Verifone are the World’s number one or two supplier in every market. Miura are the World’s market leader in mobile payments. Displaydata are the most technically competent and feature rich producer of shelf edge technology (ESLs).

Our aim is to utilise all the benefits from Cloud based technology to give our customers greater control of their infrastructure and provide a more secure environment for their customers to enjoy. Secure Retail has combined Cloud based POS software, along with ESL and large display technology, to provide a holistic solution for pricing and promotions. This allows centralised or local management control, dramatically improving efficiency and productivity.

This technology is also highly suited to modern building management solutions for meeting rooms and hot desk control.

All of our systems and processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified. All of our payment solutions are P2PE compliant. We also run a buy online website for those who just need to purchase spares and accessories for our solutions.

The best solution for your Cardholder Present transactions

Secure Retail offers the latest PCI PTS 5 PIN entry hardware, combined with P2PE compliant payment solutions, with or without a payment gateway and acquiring, POS hardware, software and installation.

Our class leading pricing and promotions technology enables control of all your digital displays, whilst adding new exciting shelf edge labels. We also offer a range of PCI accredited support packages for your payment infrastructure and hold in stock physical security solutions and stands for your cardholder present transactions.

Our partners are listed in the table below.  

Hardware and POS Software Platforms

Hardware Suppliers:
• Delfi
• Displaydata
• Ergonomic Solutions
• Miura Systems
• Oracle
• Tailwind
• Unique Secure
• Verifone

Software Suppliers:
• Aptos
• Capita
• Cegid
• Enactor
• Itim
• K3
• Omnico
• Oracle (Current & Legacy)
• Radiant
• Smart Volution
• Vertada
• Zonal

Payment Service Providers

• Anderson Zaks
• Barclaycard
• Capita
• Credit Call
• Mastercard
• Payworks
• PayTrans
• Planet
• Sage Pay
• Six Card Solutions
• Verifone PaaS
• YESpay

• Barclaycard
• Elavon
• SafeCharge
• Worldpay