Protect your customers, protect your employees, protect your technology

Secure Retail work alongside our carefully selected partners to offer the very best hardware, software and payment solutions available. In partnering with the ENS Group, we can offer the latest in UV-Clean technology at the point of payment.

As we continue to learn to live with the Coronavirus Pandemic, are you doing everything you can to protect your employees and customers? Expectations with sanitation and hygiene efforts have been raised since COVID-19 has become an ongoing reality in our lives.

UV-C light for sanitisation is not a new technology and extensive research has been carried out in this field with its effectiveness against past coronaviruses and other dangerous pathogens. At Secure Retail, we can advise you on the options available for your business, helping to protect customers and employees.

The ENS UV-Clean is an automated, chemical-free, 24/7 disinfecting technology with a variety of solutions available for payment devices (UV-PT), monitors and touchscreens (UV-MM), and a standalone option for portable and mobile devices (UV-SA).

Protect your customers

The UV-Clean is a visible device that demonstrates the measures taken to give protection to customers at the point of payment or contact with monitors and touchscreens. Different sizes, standalone or payment terminal stand options are available.

Protect your employees

The UV-Clean means that employees do not need to manually clean devices, giving them protection against any possible contact with bacteria and viruses. Secure Retail have been using the UV-Clean standalone in our own warehouse since August 2020 when receiving devices for processing. Upon receipt, we use the UV-Clean to sanitise the device and then attach a label advising it has been UV-Cleaned. This gives a further level of safety to both our employees and customers. Find out more Secure Retail’s UV-Clean Sanitisation >

Protect your technology

By using UV-C light technology for sanitisation, sensitive electronic equipment is protected from any possible damage due to liquid ingress.

Questions you may have?

How does the UV-Clean solution work??

UV-Clean technology produces a UV-C non-visible light that inactivates bacteria and viruses at the cellular level, preventing them from multiplying and causing infection. The ultimate result is 99.9% eradication of all bacteria, viruses and moulds.

What triggers the UV-Clean motion sensor and how does the cleaning device know when to start a cleaning cycle?

The trigger is a ‘Passive Infrared Proximity Sensor’ which ensures that cleaning stops when motion is detected within the UV ‘cone’ and then starts again once motion is not detected within the UV ‘cone’.

Can you see the UVC light when it’s cleaning the touch surface?

A person will not see the UV-C light when a disinfection cycle is in process, as UV-C is invisible. However, the UV logo/indicator will turn blue during a disinfecting cycle and then back to white once the cycle has been completed.

How long does a UV-Clean disinfecting cycle take and how does a user know when it is “active” v “completed”?

▪ Full cleaning cycle from start to finish: 3 minutes

▪ Cleaning cycle starts or restarts after user interaction with device: 15 seconds

▪ Standby time (typically when store is closed): Disinfecting cycle every 60 minutes.

NOTE: Eradication of viruses and bacteria via UV-C light is accumulative on microorganisms

How is UV-Clean powered?

ENS UV-Clean includes a 10’ long power cable with a USB Type A plug as well as an AC/USB Type A adapter. It can plug directly into a USB Type A 3.0 port, providing at least 900ma (milli-amps), or into a wall outlet.

Can we just spray or wipe down our devices with a disinfectant solution to accomplish the same thing?

The two quotes are from the PCI (Payment Card Industry) on POS (Point of Sale) and Covid-19

“Unfortunately, some merchants have been using the same approach for cleaning their POS devices as they use for cleaning shopping baskets; spraying disinfectant directly onto the keypad before wiping it down. Because neither liquids nor chemicals go well with electronics, these cleaning practices have resulted in the failure of many devices.”

“Many keypads are not designed to be watertight, and spraying liquid directly onto the terminal can result in the liquid leaking into the inside of the device and damaging sensitive electronics. Additionally, some chemicals could cause damage to the keypad or device casing.”

At Secure Retail since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have seen large numbers of devices returned to us with faults caused by incorrect cleaning of devices. The UV-Clean from ENS protects the sensitive electronic devices from damage caused by cleaning and associated fluids.

Where is UV-Clean solution manufactured?

UV-Clean is manufactured in the USA.

Secure Retail and ENS are here to help protect your customers, protect your employees and protect your technology!

The latest UV-C clean technology from our partners ENS can work alongside your existing POS and payment solutions or can be incorporated into new and bespoke payment installations from Secure Retail.

You can learn more by reading two case studies from ENS to see how the UV-Clean Helps The Clink Restaurant to be COVID Secure > and Loch Leven’s Larder Deploys ENS UV Clean To Enhance COVID Secure Experience >

We also have a selection of Tailwind Stands (part of the ENS Product Group Family) that are available to buy in Secure Retail’s Online Store. Visit our Online Store to see the Tailwind Range >

We have available full technical information for you to review on the UV-Clean product ranges, along with supporting data and statistics. We can work with you to find a bespoke, clean and safe payment solution that is the right fit your business.

You can learn more and see a demonstration of the UV-Clean in operation in the video below from ENS.

If you would like to find out more about the UV-Clean as a possible solution for your business, please get in touch with your usual contact at Secure Retail, call us on +44 (0)1530 511150 or email [email protected].

We are here to help you protect your customers, protect your employees and protect your technology with the UV-Clean from ENS. Contact us today!