The recent challenging times have demonstrated that by working with the best partners, your business can continue to advance and evolve. At Secure Retail, we have continued to support our customers in retail, hospitality, transport and infrastructure, by providing an excellent service to keep their payment transactions being taken smoothly and efficiently.

Secure Retail’s wealth of knowledge has been built over years of collective experience within the payment industry, and is recognised and respected by world leading manufacturers, software development houses, and of course, the vast number of end customers who we support daily.

Our partnership with Verifone on the VX 820 has always been and will continue to be, delivering one of the most trusted, stable, reliable and secure contactless PIN Pads on the market. All elements of our operations and service provision have been certified to the latest compliance standards.

We are all aware that we are now seeing issues with availability of certain supplies and product, including payment devices. We also understand and appreciate, during this time of continued uncertainty, that some customers are now choosing to hold onto their funds and not proceed with previously planned new payment installations and upgrades.

In addition, there has been an extension due to the pandemic of the lifecycle for some existing PCI P2PE compliant payment devices, including the Verifone VX 820. This means that devices that may have been felt to be coming to the end of life, now have a new place as we learn to live, work, grow and develop our businesses.

In partnering with Secure Retail, we can work alongside you to advise and guide you to find the correct solution for you and your business right now and for the future.

Our stock of legacy devices mean that Secure Retail can maintain our customers’ existing Verifone VX 820 estates, and when the time is right and funds are available, take them through to development of new payment installations and upgrades.

There has also been the recent increase to £100 contactless transactions in the UK that are fully supported on the VX 820. We also have a number of stands and accessories for Verifone devices, including the VX 820 in Secure Retail’s Online Store

Why not get in touch today to see what we can do for your business? Speak to your usual contact at Secure Retail or feel free to call us on +44 (0)1530 511150 or email us [email protected]. We are here to help, advise and guide you!