Us MePOS Mobile

The Us MePOS Mobile from Secure Retail

MePOS Mobile is a mobile Point of Sale solution which connects a tablet and payment device for customer engagement and payment processing anywhere.

Exactly the way you want it.

A tablet skin and payment device harness that connect together to create a fully functioning mobile Point of Sale, MePOS Mobile can be used alongside the full MePOS range of stands and accessories. It’s easy to convert your mobile Point of Sale to fixed, taking your Point of Sale beyond traditional solutions, improving customer experience and giving the power to engage where and how the customer chooses. MePOS Mobile is also robust, designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of retail, service and hospitality environments.

Supports multiple options for tablet & payment devices.

MePOS Mobile works with a range of tablets and payment devices. Supported tablets include Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. Close relationships with tablet manufacturers mean we’re always ahead of the game when it comes to end of life and solutions for new models.

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