Secure Retail have a long-standing partnership with Displaydata on ESLs (Electronic Shelf Labels), with the labels predominantly being used in the retail and hospitality sectors. As the technology has evolved with different formats, improved battery life and larger sizes available, it became apparent that the they could be adapted for usage in different applications and industries.

One of those projects has been with Volkswagen Autoeuropa, who have worked alongside Secure Retail’s Technical Team, Displaydata and T-Systems, to develop a bespoke system for e-paper in their Portugal factory.

The e-paper VW Autoeuropa Project

The VW ESL e-paper project is aligned with the strategy of optimizing the logistics process and responded to the need to eliminate the printing and handling of lists of material sequenced in the “supermarkets” of supply to the production line in the assembly.

“In partnership with three suppliers, T-Systems, Secure Retail and Display Data, a solution was developed to transfer the images from the lists in a simple digital device, mounted on the metal supply structures to the production line, based on e-ink technology. The devices are updated with new lists tailored to new collections of production material and have batteries that allow continuous use 24/7 between two and a half years to three years.” explains Miguel Redmont, Logistics Planning Coordinator.


“We stopped printing 1.5 million A4 sheets per year. More than 200 trees are preserved”. Miguel Redmont – Logistics Planning Coordinator at VW Autoeuropa

For more details on this innovative project read the full release from VW Autoeuropa >

VW Autoeuropa IDC Portugal Digital Awards Finalists

Volkswagen Autoeuropa (VWAE) are also entered as finalists in for the e-paper solution in the “Best Manufacturing Project” and “Best Future of Operations Project” categories in the IDC Portugal Digital Awards 2020.

Find out more about the IDC Portugal Digital Awards 2020 >

Congratulations to VW Autoeuropa on being finalists in both categories from the teams at Secure Retail and Displaydata. We wish them good luck with their entries for the e-paper manufacturing solution!

Displaydata ESLs

Displaydata is the leader in the design and supply of fully graphic Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). They were first to market with three-colour ESLs and continue to lead this category, having shipped millions of labels. Displaydata’s Website >

Project partnerships with Secure Retail

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If you are inspired by what VW have developed in their factory using Displaydata ESLs for their incredible paper saving solution and can see this could work for you, or if you would like to find out more about other possibilities with Displaydata ESLs from Secure Retail for your business, whether this be in store, factory settings, room booking or hot-desking applications, please get in touch.

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